Barak Valley: The abode of Incredible Saints, Babas,Pirs and Fakirs

Recently the media has brought to light the misdeeds and criminal activities of  a Baba. In this context , it needs to be highlighted that despite far away from the glare of the mainstream media, Barak Valley region can boast of a number of saints , babas and pirs and fakirs who have been serving the humanity relentlessly with utmost devotion and dedication. Some of them are affiliated to the Hindu religion, some are affiliated to the Islam and some are even Christians. But they have been honest, away from media and publicity . They are really the pride of  Barak Valley. Who cannot think of pirs like Mokasha of Ghaniawala, Silchar and the like? They have done miracles yet could transcend the mundane clingings of power and self indulgence and commercialization of spirituality. The shrines of these Babas and Pirs and fakirs are safe destinations for all irrespective of caste , creed and sex.

Incredible Barak Valley, Incredible Spirituality!



Blue Revolution in Barak Valley

The potential for a blue revolution in Barak Valley needs to be ignited. The region has a large number of wet lands and ponds other than rivers and streams. The river Barak and its tributaries like Kushiara, Shingla and Dholai are full of fish. However, the demand for fish in the region cannot be met from the local production alone. Consequently, fish supply from Andhra Pradesh meets the demand. The price of fish in the market is inflationary with all its negative consequences in the society. In this backdrop, it is imperative that the government and other stakeholders need to focus on this segment which can revolutionize the economy of Barak Valley. Fish production by applying modern scientific techniques in Barak Valley can  generate employment among the youth and cater to the need for fresh fish of the consumers in this region.

Assam University can also be a part of this revolution by introducing applied courses on fish production and marketing at graduation and post graduation level.

A Tribute To Santosh Mohan Dev of Barak for Barak and By Barak

Santosh Mohan Devji is no more but his contributions in diverse fields will be remembered for long. Undeniably he played an important role in setting up our University, Doordarshan kendra, conversion of metre gauge into broad gauge, upgradation of DSA stadium etc. When Ram janam Bhumi issue was rocking the nation, he played a very judicious role in maintaining peace in Silchar and other adjoining areas. What is commendable is at times he could rise above party politics and think in greater interests. No doubt he was hit by Bjp wave during elections which led to his defeats from Silchar Lok sabha constituency but like a true statesman he managed to keep his hold over the people of Silchar in particular and Barak Valley. What is remarkable in him as a leader was the influence he exerted in the corridors of power.

After his death, the people of Silchar will really feel the vacuum. Now when Modi wave is spreading far and wide including Silchar and Barak Valley, the real challenge before the congress party in Silchar and Barak Valley will be to keep up the spirit of work that Santosh Mohan devji spearheaded.

Barak Museum: A step to conserve our Heritage

Barak Valley has a rich tradition of culture which needs to be conserved and handed over to the coming generation. A museum which will house antiques and artifacts relating to the history of this region should be instituted and managed professionally.
May the government and other stake holders think of this and take steps in setting up a museum. Let our NGOs and cultural organisations show pro-activeness regarding this and materialize the concept.
The non resident Barak Valleyians may help in this regard in mobilising funds and resources to set up such a museum.

Why are Caesarean Delivery cases on the rise in Barak Valley?

Human Resource Development Report Necessary for Barak Valley

It is high time to review where Barak Valley stands at the national level in terms of Human Resource Development . Every year a large number of youth of this region are getting degrees and diplomas in different disciplines and professional courses from our colleges and university. But the question arises how many of our youths have been able to crack competitive exams like Bank PO, Civil Services ( IAS etc), NDA, NET JRF, IIT, NIFT, CAT for IIMS and Medical entrance at the national level . The number is insignificant and in certain competitive exams it is nil. In this context, we need to review the standard and quality of our educational institutions starting from schools to the University. May we have an independent agency constituted to review the matter and suggest ways and means to help our youth in their mission for excellence.
We have to understand where lies the fault— outdated curriculum designed by our academies or lack of proper training of the faculty or some other factors. The independent agency may induct experts from different fields to study the situation and come up with positive suggestions. Our media should suo moto take up the matter and play a proactive role in plugging the loopholes immediately. May our political leaders intervene and keep the matter in their developmental agenda.

Honorary Doctorates to Entrepreneurs from Barak Valley and North East India

History is full of evidence regarding the role of universities in facilitating social change and transformation. Our Assam University can also play a positive role in facilitating socio-economic change. Entrepreneurship development in North East is one of the thrust areas where all the sections of the society needs to be the stakeholders. We all know that Assam University authorities felicitated our great cricket hero Saurav Ganguly with a honorary doctorate and appointed Gulzar sahab as the chancellor of the University. Why not the University think of felicitating deserving entrepreneurs from Barak Valley in particular and North east India with such degrees to boost and enhance their social prestige . Such a move will encourage our University graduates and post graduates to take up entrepreneurship as a career. In today’s knowledge society where knowledge plays a key role, the university may play a very proactive role in entrepreneurship development by providing research inputs and encouragement to the entrepreneurs thereby providing an example of university-society bonding.