Inland Water Transport System needs to be revitalised in Barak Valley Region

The deteriorating conditions of roads , lack of sufficient trains for connecting different places in Barak Valley needs to be urgently addressed by revitalising our internal water transport system. Mechanised boats and steamers should be floated in the Barak valley river system to carry passengers and goods from different places.
Will our Honourable MLAs moot the point with the government and chalk out a strategy to implement the same? Such a system can employ a large number of youth in this sector and will provide an eco- friendly and economic alternative transport system to the passengers for travelling in the Barak Valley region.
Currently the Inland Water Transport Department of the Government of Assam is operating some ferries only to connect short distances. It is high time the department should come forward with plans to operate long to medium distance steamers and mechanised boats for the benefit of the people of this region.
It is said that there is a tradition of such inland water transport system operating in the region during the British days. Why not the system be revitalised and reintroduced?


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