Hostels in Metros for Job-seekers from Barak Valley

In view of growing structural unemployment among the youth of Barak Valley region, there is an urgent need to set up youth hostels for job-seekers and start up entrepreneurs from Barak Valley region in different metros like Delhi, Bangaluru , Chennai , Pune and Mumbai. Many of our youth who have acquired skills in various domains do not find opportunity to apply them in Barak Valley which is a case of structural unemployment. As a result they have to flock towards the metros in search of their dream jobs. Most of them belong to low income group families who have to depend on the pensions of their parents. In this scenario , our youth have to struggle a lot to get the basic amenities when they come to the metros in search of their dream jobs or for career development. Many start up entreprenuers from Barak Valley have to come to the metros for marketing purpose but they find it very difficult to stay and carry on their mission. Given this , our MPs and MLAs need to address this situation and earmark a portion of their development funds in setting up or collaborating with private hostels in the metros to provide lodging and fooding facilities to our job-seekers and start up entreprenuers. This need not be totally fee less but may be subsidized by our MPs and MLAs from their development funds which will benefit our youth immensely.


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