Assam University needs to set up another campus in Barak Valley

The authorities of Assam University may kindly empathise the hardship and trouble that the students of karimganj and Hailakandi districts in Barak Valley region experience for pursuing higher studies from Assam university. Most of them have to stay in rented houses near the university in Silchar thereby causing tremendous trouble to them. The landlords are charging exorbitant rents from the students who find it very difficult to stay in these rented houses. Many students form temporary mess to carry on their studies from the University. Moreover, the location of the university in Silchar is making the students from Silchar more privileged. It needs to be noted that youth from Karimganj and Hailakandi districts equally participated in their demand for a central university in this region. As Assam university has a full-fledged campus in Diphu in Karbi Anglong district, with a full time Pro-vice chancellor, why not the university authorities take up this issue and set up another campus in Karimganj District in this region, catering to the students of the two districts? This will really mitigate the hardship of the students coming from these two districts of Barak Valley.


Inland Water Transport System needs to be revitalised in Barak Valley Region

The deteriorating conditions of roads , lack of sufficient trains for connecting different places in Barak Valley needs to be urgently addressed by revitalising our internal water transport system. Mechanised boats and steamers should be floated in the Barak valley river system to carry passengers and goods from different places.
Will our Honourable MLAs moot the point with the government and chalk out a strategy to implement the same? Such a system can employ a large number of youth in this sector and will provide an eco- friendly and economic alternative transport system to the passengers for travelling in the Barak Valley region.
Currently the Inland Water Transport Department of the Government of Assam is operating some ferries only to connect short distances. It is high time the department should come forward with plans to operate long to medium distance steamers and mechanised boats for the benefit of the people of this region.
It is said that there is a tradition of such inland water transport system operating in the region during the British days. Why not the system be revitalised and reintroduced?

Hostels in Metros for Job-seekers from Barak Valley

In view of growing structural unemployment among the youth of Barak Valley region, there is an urgent need to set up youth hostels for job-seekers and start up entrepreneurs from Barak Valley region in different metros like Delhi, Bangaluru , Chennai , Pune and Mumbai. Many of our youth who have acquired skills in various domains do not find opportunity to apply them in Barak Valley which is a case of structural unemployment. As a result they have to flock towards the metros in search of their dream jobs. Most of them belong to low income group families who have to depend on the pensions of their parents. In this scenario , our youth have to struggle a lot to get the basic amenities when they come to the metros in search of their dream jobs or for career development. Many start up entreprenuers from Barak Valley have to come to the metros for marketing purpose but they find it very difficult to stay and carry on their mission. Given this , our MPs and MLAs need to address this situation and earmark a portion of their development funds in setting up or collaborating with private hostels in the metros to provide lodging and fooding facilities to our job-seekers and start up entreprenuers. This need not be totally fee less but may be subsidized by our MPs and MLAs from their development funds which will benefit our youth immensely.

Barak Valley Region Needs An AIIMS

An AIIMS in Barak Valley region will be a legitimate demand as the people suffering from many deadly diseases have to rush to metros like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata in the hope of getting quality treatment. It is unfortunate that this region lacks good and reliable medical facilities and infrastructure. Only few people of middle and high income groups are able to move to the metros for getting treatment. The lower income group and the poor of this region do not have accessibility to quality treatment. Private nursing homes are out of reach of a section of the people of this region. This needs to be urgently addressed by urging upon the government to set up an AIIMS like medical institution in the region for providing quality treatment and care to the people. Our honourable MPS and MLAS may please pass a resolution to this effect and raise the demand through proper channel. Our media also need to take up the issue and highlight on the need for setting up an AIIMS in the region. This will not only cater to the medical needs of the people of this region but will also help the patients from the adjoining states like MIzoram, Manipur and Tripura in getting quality treatment.

War Can Create a Market: Incredible Barak Valley!

Wars are a curse that cause devastation to life and property.Wars need to be denounced at all cost. The story of a war is always one of death and destruction, but some creative things take place during wars. One such creation is the famous market in Silchar of Barak Valley: Fatak Bazar. It is really incredible that this market came into being during the Second World War when the allied forces were marching towards the North East frontiers to take on the axis forces led by Germany.
The Allied army men put up near this market place in barracks made of makeshift tents called ” Fatak” in urdu. As the army stationed in this place, traders gathered nearby to provide necessary products to the army men. Transaction started and even after the army moved out of the place , the market remained there getting the name ” Fatak Bazar”. It is a mega market, providing all types of goods in wholesale as well as retail. The daily transaction in the bazar is in crores. Shopping in Fatak Bazar is a phenomenological experience.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley!

Barak Valleyintine Day: Incredible Celebration of Love !

Call it cultural invasion or cultural assimilation, the internationally celebrated Valentine Day is celebrated with fervour in the valley of peace and love. Love radiates from everybody. There is a tradition of celebrating love in this valley for which it has been easy for the youth of the valley to adopt or assimilate the celebration of Valentine Day. Interestingly, even places and habitats are named after the emotion of love. For example, there is a place called ” Prem Tola” in Silchar. ” Prem” means ” Love” and “Tola” means a point.
What is unique in Valentine Day celebration in the valley is that youths of the valley have given a different hue to it by fusing the celebration with local elements. Exchanging of Valentine cards in Bangla language is a case in point. The handmaid cards have motifs and designs which are influenced by the culture and tradition of the valley.
Compared to other places ,Valentine day is celebrated in the valley in a world class manner with a tinge of indigenous culture in it.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley!

Nauka Daur: Incredible Spectacle!

Barak Valley has its own way of celebrating the joys of life. People in Barak Valley display enthusiasm and vigour in organising mega events which are incredible. Nauka Daur is one such event which is organised in different parts of the valley. This event centres around boats that waft on the river Barak and other tributaries of Barak like Kushiara, Singla, Jiri, Dholai and madura. Nauka Daur is a marathon race of Boats on the river. nauka means boat and daur means race in local language of the valley.Such marathon race of boats are organised as part of celebration of important national events like Republic Day, Independence day etc.

Boatmen congregate on the day of the race and after a short inaugural programme, the Nauka Daur is flagged off . The winner is awarded at the end of the race. People gather in large numbers to witness this kind of mega event in the valley. The nauka Daur or boat marathon race is really a unique event of the valley.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak!