Barak Valley Region Needs An AIIMS

An AIIMS in Barak Valley region will be a legitimate demand as the people suffering from many deadly diseases have to rush to metros like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata in the hope of getting quality treatment. It is unfortunate that this region lacks good and reliable medical facilities and infrastructure. Only few people of middle and high income groups are able to move to the metros for getting treatment. The lower income group and the poor of this region do not have accessibility to quality treatment. Private nursing homes are out of reach of a section of the people of this region. This needs to be urgently addressed by urging upon the government to set up an AIIMS like medical institution in the region for providing quality treatment and care to the people. Our honourable MPS and MLAS may please pass a resolution to this effect and raise the demand through proper channel. Our media also need to take up the issue and highlight on the need for setting up an AIIMS in the region. This will not only cater to the medical needs of the people of this region but will also help the patients from the adjoining states like MIzoram, Manipur and Tripura in getting quality treatment.


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