War Can Create a Market: Incredible Barak Valley!

Wars are a curse that cause devastation to life and property.Wars need to be denounced at all cost. The story of a war is always one of death and destruction, but some creative things take place during wars. One such creation is the famous market in Silchar of Barak Valley: Fatak Bazar. It is really incredible that this market came into being during the Second World War when the allied forces were marching towards the North East frontiers to take on the axis forces led by Germany.
The Allied army men put up near this market place in barracks made of makeshift tents called ” Fatak” in urdu. As the army stationed in this place, traders gathered nearby to provide necessary products to the army men. Transaction started and even after the army moved out of the place , the market remained there getting the name ” Fatak Bazar”. It is a mega market, providing all types of goods in wholesale as well as retail. The daily transaction in the bazar is in crores. Shopping in Fatak Bazar is a phenomenological experience.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley!


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