Nauka Daur: Incredible Spectacle!

Barak Valley has its own way of celebrating the joys of life. People in Barak Valley display enthusiasm and vigour in organising mega events which are incredible. Nauka Daur is one such event which is organised in different parts of the valley. This event centres around boats that waft on the river Barak and other tributaries of Barak like Kushiara, Singla, Jiri, Dholai and madura. Nauka Daur is a marathon race of Boats on the river. nauka means boat and daur means race in local language of the valley.Such marathon race of boats are organised as part of celebration of important national events like Republic Day, Independence day etc.

Boatmen congregate on the day of the race and after a short inaugural programme, the Nauka Daur is flagged off . The winner is awarded at the end of the race. People gather in large numbers to witness this kind of mega event in the valley. The nauka Daur or boat marathon race is really a unique event of the valley.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak!


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