Barak Valleyintine Day: Incredible Celebration of Love !

Call it cultural invasion or cultural assimilation, the internationally celebrated Valentine Day is celebrated with fervour in the valley of peace and love. Love radiates from everybody. There is a tradition of celebrating love in this valley for which it has been easy for the youth of the valley to adopt or assimilate the celebration of Valentine Day. Interestingly, even places and habitats are named after the emotion of love. For example, there is a place called ” Prem Tola” in Silchar. ” Prem” means ” Love” and “Tola” means a point.
What is unique in Valentine Day celebration in the valley is that youths of the valley have given a different hue to it by fusing the celebration with local elements. Exchanging of Valentine cards in Bangla language is a case in point. The handmaid cards have motifs and designs which are influenced by the culture and tradition of the valley.
Compared to other places ,Valentine day is celebrated in the valley in a world class manner with a tinge of indigenous culture in it.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley!


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