Bamboo of Barak Valley:The Wonder Material for Architects and Interior Designers

Architects and Interior designers across cross-cultural settings in the world are deeply concerned with issues of sustainability and eco- friendliness confronting the world. The architects and the interior design community as a whole have the unfailing agenda of providing alternative solutions to the global citizens in which sustainability and eco friendliness is the priority.
Accordingly, the architects and the interior designers are now focussing on materials which are renewable and eco-friendly. No wonder Barak Valley of Assam is the home of this wonder material which is provided by nature in bounty. This is the region where varieties of bamboo are found in plenty in the forests and semi-forested lands in the valley. Architects and interior designers will be delighted to know that the people of Barak Valley have been using bamboo in building their houses and craftsmen are using bamboo for producing variety of decorative items for adoring the surfaces of the interior of houses and offices in the valley. In fact, bamboo is an integral part of the culture of Barak Valley. The varieties like Muli and Bethua as they are called in local language are very much in use by the people of the valley.
Architects are now coming up with solutions using bamboo as a material in flooring, walling, cascading, roofing and what not. Bamboo is a wonder resource in that it is fast renewable unlike wood which is derived from trees. It takes about a decade to grow wood yielding trees whereas it takes few months to grow bamboos. Barak Valley is the home of many varieties of bamboo. Architects and designers will find this valley as their favourite destination to understand the features, characteristics and availability of different varieties of bamboo.
Interior designers will find bamboo material ideal for designing furniture and other accessories for both offices and household and public buildings thereby ensuring sustainability and eo-friendliness.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley!


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