Barak Valley: For the Army and of the Army

The Army-civilian relationship in Barak valley is one to be emulated. A relationship that has a tradition since the Sepoy Mutiny days of the British Raj. Be it during India’s war with Pakistan in Bangladesh Liberation struggle with the former or the Indo-sino war, the people of Barak Valley have always tried to boost the morale of the armed forces.
Interestingly, though the majority of the inhabitants of the Barak Valley donot belong to any martial race , but there are many war vetarans in this place who have worked with the Indian Army. Even now many youth express their desire to make a career in the armed forces.

People of Barak Valley have a special corner in their hearts for the military and the paramillitary people in the valley. The defence personnels have been offering their relentless service in rescue operations during the floods which occur every year. the Military and the paramilitary forces have been helping the respective district administration in maintaining law and order in the valley.

The Masimpur cantonment area near Silchar is an attraction for the people. The kali temple of Masimpur draws devotees from far and near every day. The Assam rifles station near tarapur is another landmark military establishment which attracts tourists. The officers and the jawans of the military and paramilitary forces who are from different parts of the country are very good vectors for promoting local handicrafts in different parts of the country.

There is indeed a special corner for the military and the paramilitary personnels in the hearts of the people of Barak Valley.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley!


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