The Two High- Power Phrases and Barak Valley

Words make this society possible. Words are the gift of God to mankind to make their life go. There are some words and phrases which really motivate and move us and keep us going. They are the most used words or phrases in any community or society.

If one visits Barak Valley, it is for sure the two power phrases will strike them. One is undoubtedly ” Kita Re Ba” and the other is ” Kita Re Go”. There is slight variation in the usage depending upon to whom these phrases are addressed. ” Kita Re Ba” and ” Kita Re Go” may become “Kita Agya” . The former is used informally and the latter is used formally.
Hello in English and Holla in Spanish are regarded as power words as they are used to start an interaction with someone.
Much powerful and charged are the two phrases ” Kita re ba ” and Kite re go” for the Barak Valley people. Who created these phrases no body knows. But they are integral and unavoidable. These phrases are the hallmark of hospitality and amity. People often use them while meeting others.

The most striking thing about these phrases is that they have been adopted even by members of other linguistic communities like Marwaris, Punjabis, and others living in the valley. Truly, these phrases are high-powered and are charged with energy.

Incredible Phrases , Incredible Barak Valley !


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