The Dhaka Strip In Silchar : Incredible Barak Valley!

Barak Valley is an all embracing valley. It has embraced in its fold people from different corners of the country and even beyond. The Dhakaia Diaspora is very prominent in the valley. They are the people whose ancestors have been from Dhaka, now the capital of Bangladesh. Historians report that the Dhakaia’s came as employees of steamer companies that used to operate from Silchar via Shylet to Dhaka and Kolkata. Accordingly, many Dhakaias settled down in Barak Valley.

There is a strip of settlement in Silchar called Dhakaia Patty. patty means strip of is said that many Dhakaias settled down here after the partition of the country. The Dhakaia diaspora in Silchar is very prominent and have retained their language to a great extent although much influenced by the Shyletti language.

Interestingly, the Dhakaia cuisine is very famous and popular with the people of Silchar and Barak Valley. There is a restaurant worth visiting in Silchar by the name of Dhakaia Hotel in Narsingtola area of Silchar.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley!


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