Barak Valley: The Aspiring Valley

Barak Valley is an aspiring valley, a valley that dreams to connect with the nation and beyond. The people of Barak valley have adopted many things in their food , dress,culture and music-elements which are exotic to the valley. The indigenous strain is always there but there is a tendency to adopt and appreciate things which do not belong to Barak Valley and thus stretch its horizon culturally.

In music Barak Valley has a rich tradition of of its indigenous folk music . Despite this the people appreciate and love and practise North Indian Raga music which originated and grew in the north and north west of India. Geographically connectivity of the other parts of the nation with Barak Valley is developing recently through Broad Gauze conversion and mobile telephony, But culturally Barak Valley has always aspired to connect with the rest of the nation and beyond.

It is unique that when Raga Music is losing its fans and patrons in the north and north west of India due to the inroads by genres like rock and rap, the craze for North Indian Raga music is all the more growing in the valley. Scholars of musicology , Sociologists of Culture and others working in this field will find this phenomenon interesting for studies. Children and youth here are observed to take regular courses in North Indian Raga Music in vocal and instrumental music like flute, sitar, tabla and violin.
Stalwarts in North Indian Raga Music like the late Pt Ravi Shankar, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pt Jasraj have innumerable fans in this valley making it a preferred destination for the masters of North Indian Raga Music.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley!


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