The Three Dhvanis and Barak Valley

The Three Dhvanis: Sankha Dhvani, Ullu Dhvani and Kashir Dhvani are integral part of the culture of the people of Barak Valley. Sankha Dhvani is the sound produced by blowing a conch, ullur dhvani is the sound produced orally by the ladies and kashir dhvani refers to the sound made by the gong of a brass metal bell. These three sounds or dhavanis are very integral in the lives of the people of Barak Valley.

One can hear these three sounds daily during the dusk after the sunset. Ladies and girls especially are responsible for producing these three sounds. This custom has been since time immemorial and people believe that producing these three sounds drives away inauspicious forces from the household.

The three dhavanis can also be heard during the performance of pujas or worship in temples and also during other auspicious ceremonies like marriage and annaprasana or food taking ceremony for infants.

The dhavanis have a magnificent impact on the milieu during the dusk and other ceremonies and make people spellbound.

Incredible India , Incredible Barak Valley!


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