Pineapple of Lakhipur : Horticultural Wonder.

Barak Valley of Assam is the valley of fruits. People love to eat fruits in all the seasons. Mangoes, Lychees, Jackfruit , coconut etc are all time favourite with the people of Barak Valley. Ask any layman about any fruit that tops the list of favourites, the unquestionable answer will be pineapple of Lakhipur.

These pineapples are of export quality and are loved by the fruit takers. During the summer season, huts and bazaars are full of pineapples from Lakhipur. Lakhipur is a subdivision town in Cachar District of Barak Valley. What is unique about this pineapple is its flavour and sweetness. No wonder once the Russian government wanted to set up a pineapple processing plant in Lakhipur. But that is history.

Pineapple of Lakhipur needs to be showcased in the horticultural fairs in different parts of the world.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley!


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