Badshar Seva : An exciting post harvest ritual in rural Barak valley

Rural Barak Valley of Assam is full of verve and vigour in celebrating rituals. Among many rituals and festivals, Badshar Seva needs to be mentioned. In rural areas like Duttagram, Kayasthagram and Dasgram of Karimganj district , this ritual is celebrated in the post harvest season.
People in groups plan for a day usually monday to observe this ritual. This ritual is dedicated to Badsha, a rural god thought of as manifestation of Lord Shiva who resides in the hillocks. People go to a hillock in the late evening in a procession and find out a bael tree under which lord Badshah is propitiated with ‘Jhao Bhaat’. Jhao refers to the broken grains of rice which is usually not served to the family members as regular rice. These grains are treated with molasses and then boiled. This is offered to Badshah along with bhang. As the devotees march towards the designated place for worship they chant “Bolo Badshah ki Joy”. After offering the molasses treated broken rice grains , it is served to the devotees as prasad. After the prasad is taken , the devotees leave the hillock with chants of ‘Badsha ki joy.’

Badshar seva is really an exciting ritual to be participated. Such a ritual will excite both the tourists and the anthropologists from different parts of the world.

Incredible India , Incredible Barak Valley!


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