Mumbai Dabbawalas and Hawkers of Barak Valley : A comparative perspective.

An expert of IIM Kolkata made a thorough study of the business model of the Mumbai Dabbawalas. He scrutinised their motivational drive, commitment , challenges and team work and coordination. The Mumbai Dabbawalas have earned accolades from different parts of the world for their devotion and dedication.
No less are the fish and vegetable and egg hawkers of Barak Valley. They are called ” Masala” ( Fish wala) and ” Sabji Ala ( vegetable wala) and ” Dim ala” respectively. Wala means a person who sells a particular product or service. The suffix ‘ala’ is a derivation from the suffix ‘wala’.

These vendors of Barak Valley have been relentlessly providing the products especially fish and vegetables from door to door to the people. They are a part of the economy and culture. They are very active in the morning hours of a day. They have a special way of pitching their product. For people of Barak Valley every morning breaks with the sales pitch of these vendors. If the Mumbai dabbawalas travel far by train , the vendors of Barak Valley come on foot and fulfill their social obligation.

Incredible India , Incredible Barak Valley!


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