The Three wheeler Pullers of Barak Valley : Epitome of Hospitality

Prasenjit Panchu, a popular folk singer of Silchar once composed a song on the rickshaw pullers of Silchar glorifying them for their relentless service to the people of Barak Valley. His song ” Ami rickshaw waala chalai sara bela….” ( I am rickshaw waala , i pull my rickshaw all the day…..) represented the dedication and devotion with which the three wheeler pullers ( Including the automated three wheeler drivers) pull the rickshaws facilitating people’s movement from one point to the other. Undoubtedly, the three wheeler pullers and auto wallas of Barak Valley are epitome of hospitality. They are honest , polite, helpful to both man and woman. Certain cities of India have earned bad name due to the unscrupulous behaviour of the rickshaw pullers or the three wheeler pullers . However, one can experience the hospitable nature of the three wheeler pullers in Barak Valley. The three wheeler associations need to be congratulated for their effort in instilling the spirit of hospitality among their members. They can be compared with the hospitable three wheeler drivers of Mumbai.

Although taxis, private cars and buses ply in the cities and towns of Barak Valley, yet people prefer three wheelers , especially the traditional rickshaws as they are eco friendly mode of transport.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley!


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