English Of Barak Valley : English with a difference.

The Barak Valley region has been under the British rule and the English tea planters set up many tea gardens in the valley. Christian Missionaries were also active in disseminating education in the valley. Interestingly, many people in Barak Valley region use the English language with superb proficiency. Utmost care is taken in learning English grammar and complying with the intricate rules of English grammar. People of Barak Valley are great fan of Queen’s English . Although due to the penetration of Facebook and other social media American English is also used now a days by the youngsters. However , the old and the mid aged still adhere to the niceties of British English. There are some English medium schools which provide instruction in English . There are many  Bangla medium schools where English is taught as a subject but with utmost sincerity.

However, the English language is spoken in different parts of the world . And in each part it has acquired a different flavour.

When the people of barak Valley speak this language, they speak in a different tone and accent making it a unique language. Linguistic experts call it mother tongue influence. In any way, English of Barak Valley has a special flavour…….

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley!


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