The Crowd Pulling Sadarghat Bridge in Silchar: A Sociological Wonder.

The river Barak flows swiftly bifurcating the City of Silchar . The cantilever bridge constructed by Gammon India connects people of both the sides. What is unique about the bridge is that it is a crowd pulling bridge.

Come Mahalaya , the event invoking Goddess Durga before the Durga puja festival, then one finds huge crowd gathering near the bridge and crossing the bridge over to the other side with enthusiasm and excitement. This has become a ritual ever since the bridge was constructed. People wake up early in the morning on the day of Mahalaya and proceed towards the bridge to cross over as if it is a part of the Durga puja festival.

For sociologists such a sight will trigger many sociological questions. Why this practice has become a ritual and a custom with the people of Silchar and for the tourists this is an opportunity to witness the warmth and enthusiasm of the people of Silchar.

Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley


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