Public Art and The Railway Stations of Barak Valley.

With the realisation of the dream of broad gauge line connectivity of Barak valley with the rest of the country, it is high time the people of Barak Valley becomes proactive and go a step forward. Why not our artists , painters and others associated with Fine Arts undertake projects to decorate and embellish our railway stations.

The students of Fine Arts department of Assam University and the students of other art schools can take up projects to decorate our railway stations. The concept of public art is not new to our people. There are many statues of stalwarts installed on the roads of Silchar , Hailakandi and Karimganj. These are examples of public art. On similar lines, our fine arts students and experts may help to apply the concept of public art and beautify our Railway stations.

The railway authorities and the fine arts academia can collaborate and facilitate this by appealing people to participate and contribute to such a noble mission which will help in attracting tourists to the ‘Island of peace’


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