Incredible Barak Valley: The land of Incredible Melas.

Barak Valley witnesses three major fairs every year: Gandhi Mela, Rabindra Mela and Netaji Mela. Gandhi mela is organised in Silchar, Netaji Mela in Karimganj and Rabindra Mela in Hailakandi.

People of all age group irrespective of caste, creed and religion eagerly wait for these events every year. Vendors of various products from all over the country participate in these melas. The melas are general events and not dedicated to any special concept. So one can find stalls selling handicrafts to healthcare products, interior decoration items and what not. The Chat stalls are a special craze among the fair visitors. Children eagerly wait for these melas.

The district administration, and the organising committees organise these events with utmost dedication and commitment. But these events need to be popularised beyond the frontiers of the three districts Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi. Recently , the Assam government designated Ms Priyanka Chopra as the Brand Ambassador of Assam tourism. Our honourable Brand Ambassador needs to be aware of these events in the Barak Valley region also and undertake due effort in popularising them thereby attracting tourists from different parts of the world.. Above all common people are the most important agents to popularise these events through word of mouth and attract tourists to experience these melas.


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