Incredible India, Incredible Barak Valley The Three Ghats of Silchar

A visit to Silchar will be incomplete without visiting the three ghats: Steamer Ghat, Madura Ghat and Annapurna Ghat. Ghat in local language of Barak Valley means a place where boats and steamers halt for boarding and deboarding of passenger or cargo.

The three ghats of Silchar lie in the same curve. One can start from Steamer ghat then move few kilometres to find Madura ghat and then comes Annapurna Ghat. The three ghats form an ellipse.

These three ghats present an exclusive experience to the visitors. The ghats are also a centre of trade and people come from different parts of the city to buy things like vegetables, fish and handicraft. Madura ghat is famous for its early morning fish market whereas Steamer ghat and Annapurna Ghat are popular for fresh vegetables that vendors bring from adjoining areas like Dudhpatil and Udharbond.

The three ghats are associated with history of the place. These three ghats have been active since the British Period.


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