Dosh Pochish: The Therapeutic Game of Barak Valley


The people of Barak Valley region of Assam have been playing this game from generations. Dosh means ten and pochish means twentyfive. This is a recreational indoor game which can be played in singles and in doubles. This game is a part of culture of the people of Barak valley of Assam and though computer games have pushed many traditional games to the background, this recreational game is played even today by many.

This game has some similarities with Ludo and Chess. It is played with small conches called ‘Koris’ in local language. There is a chequered board like structure made of cloth. Small wooden seeds with different colours called “Gutis” are there. A participant has to throw the conches and see how much score the throw fetches. one has to fetch ten to start one’s book and place a wooden seed or gutti on the tenth place. Scores range from one to twenty five. There are some intricate rules to be observed by the participants to save themselves from being declared “foul” The other participant or the team then throws the conches or koris and tries to score points which will enable them to replace the gutti of the opponent. The team or the participant who is able to overthrow the guttis of the opponents and able to move forward his/her guttis till the destination is the winner.

This game is recreational, a stress buster for many, a strategic thinking tool and a means to develop team work and healthy competition. The game has many messages to give us and has many positive effects which are a must in today’s world of stress and loneliness.
It is high time to simulate this game in the computer and hand it over to our coming generation. Championships on this game should also be organised to preserve this wonder game.


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