Reality Shows for Senior Citizens.


Our TV channels are coming up with reality shows like Big Boss, Indian Idol and rising Star, Voice India etc. This is very encouraging as these shows are giving a platform for many talented and deserving candidates to show case their talent and make a career in their lives. While these reality shows are giving opportunity to the young generation , reality shows giving opportunity to our senior citizens need to be conceptualised and promoted by our advertisers and promoters. There are many senior citizens who could not pursue their dreams in their youth due to lack of resources or opportunities. So no when technology has made so many things feasible , special reality shows need to be conceptualised and presented in our media. Doordarshan and Air can take the initiative in this regard and set the ball rolling for other channels to follow.
Mainstream media has now started to report on the achievements and pursuits of the senior citizens . Physical age is not a factor , what is required is motivation and presence of opportunity.
Let the government, NGos , Media and the corporate houses work to offer such opportunities to our senior citizens from different parts of our country and from different social strata.


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