Chungar Pitha Needs to be exhibited in Food Fairs.

The Barak Valley region of Assam is culturally very rich with a wide variety of recipes and sweetmeats that have been handed down from generation to generation. Among the recipes, ‘Chungar pitha’ needs special mention. This is a unique dish in that a special kind of rice called ‘ Biroin’ is put inside a special bamboo and one end of the bamboo is closed by some hay after pouring water inside it. Then the bamboo is placed above fire through which the rice inside gets boiled. This boiled rice is taken with Kheer, a product of milk and even with pieces of fish fry. What is unique is the aroma that the boiled rice takes on due to its boiling inside the bamboo. The rice is also unique being a special variety of rice called ‘Biroin’ in local language.


This item can be exhibited in food fairs across the world. Our Cultural clubs or hotels and the tourism department of Assam can facilitate in exhibiting this item in the food fairs that are organised in different parts of the world.
If Jolof rice of Nigeria can be so popular with the Europeans then why not we try to popularise this item across the continents


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