Mer(d)a Mer(d)ir ghar: A tourism product.

The burning of Mera Merir ghar is an event during the makar sankranti celebration in Barak Valley region of Assam. Mera Merir Ghar is a makeshift hut type structure made of hay and bamboo. Children stay in this makeshift hut on the eve of makar sankranti and after taking holy bath on the dawn of makar sankranti day, the makeshift hut known as Mera merir ghar is set to fire . Children and old people gather round the burning makeshift hut and warm themselves up . This has many symbolic meaning and undertone. After this people start celebrating the festival by doing namaskar to the elders and eating sweets and laddus.

This kind of event can be showcased for promotion of tourism in our place. Many foreigners from countries like Spain and France ,Germany visit our neighbouring state Sikkim . The government of Assam can facilitate in bringing tourists to participate and enjoy such events


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