Swami Vivekananda: The Entreprenuer

Today is Swami Vivekananda’s birthday. His role in disseminating the ideals of Sarva swami_vivekananda_1893_scanned_imageDharma Samannay ( co-existence of religions) as taught by his guru Sri Sri Ramakrishna in different parts of the world is remembered till today and its relevance is all the more realised in the context of globalisation which is not only economic in nature but also social and cultural. In order to reap the fruits of globalisation backed by information and communication technology, the ideals of co-existence of diversity needs to be practised. The world is witnessing the rise of fundamentalism of some religious groups which is posing challenge to the world order and peace. And without peace there cannot be any prosperity. The world has known swamiji as a leader, teacher who has given the message of humanism to all religious groups.

Swamiji was a multi faceted personality. He was an orator, musician, singer. He was also an entreprenuer.

As an entreprenuer he founded Ramamkrishna Mission with the objective of disseminating the ideals of co-existence of religions and service to God through service to mankind. The organisation is now 100 years old and still rendering service without any kind of ups and downs. Swamiji’s role in mobilising resources, positioning the organisation , branding and managing the organisation can be a subject matter of research for management and entrepreneurial researchers. His leadership style, the challenges he overcame in setting up the organisation will inspire the up coming entrepreneurs in setting up sustainable organisations which will contribute positively to the society.
















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