Regulation of Graduation and Professional Courses Needed.

The other day the Honourable President remarked that our graduates are getting frustrated for not getting suitable positions which may lead to social unrest. In this context it needs to be observed that the government should come up with a policy as to how to deal with such a situation. It reminds us of a situation in Uttar pradesh last year where for few posts of peon in the government secretariat , unmanageable numbers of candidates applied which included graduates, post graduates and doctorates also. This is sheer mismanagement and lack of a policy direction.

In the Indian context we can observe that few graduates of any course get absorbed in the economy. the rest are branded as failures , they are dejected and rejected.

It can be observed here that the government can take inspiration from the statutory body which regulates professional courses like Chartered accountancy, cost accountancy and Company Secretary. What is noteworthy is that these bodies allow many to pursue the courses but regulate the number of candidates to be passed out. They take into account the demand in the economy and accordingly regulate the number of candidates to be awarded the certification. This makes the courses competitive. On similar lines, the government should direct the colleges and institutes not to provide admission to all in graduation and other graduate level courses. They should anticipate the demand from the economy and then decide how many candidates to be given admission. Such a step can help our students to choose proper career path according to their aptitude and taste and protect themselves from rejection and dejection eventually.


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