Multiple Intelligence and Parenting

Most of the psychologists now agree that our intelligence is multiple and not mono. It means that there are different types of  intelligence which are independent of each other so that an individual can display different types of intelligence. Broadly speaking , there are six types of  intelligence which can further be subdivided. Indeed , it reminds us of Shakespeare who once said in one of his plays What a piece of work is man ! How infinite in faculties!  Each and every human being possesses these different types of intelligence and one or the other dominates in a person.

Given this , parents need to nurture their children in an altogether different way and observe in which type of intelligence their child or children are strong . Accordingly , they should guide them in choosing their career and provide them all conditions for the fuller development of the child’s faculty.

Ideal parenting would be not to thrust upon the children the unfulfilled dreams of the parents and instead allow them to develop their potential.


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