Women’s role in Entrepreneurship Development in East and North East India.


Entrepreneurship Development initiative has received special attention in north east and eastern part of India in recent times. The government of india as well as the state governments and NGos have undertaken concerted effort in encouraging young people to take up entrepreneurship as a a career instead of looking for jobs. This is a commendable initiative of the Government. However, we need to address some other factors for making this effort successful.
It is observed that most of the women in these region prefer jobbers as their life partners. The jobbers are the first choice of many marriageable girls and their parents. It is well understood that these girls and their parents assume that only with jobbers life will be safe and secured. This ‘jobbers- first culture’ stands in the way of young men to take up entreprenuership as a career.
In order to make this movement successful in these region, the role of women is, therefore, very crucial. Marriageable girls need to change their mindset regarding their choice of life partners and encourage more and more young men to venture into entreprenuership. The NGOs and social welfare departments of the respective state governments may make it a point to motivate the marriageable girls and their parents to make a shift from jobbers-first attitude to entreprenuers-first attitude.


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