New Year and Happiness

We all wish to be happy every year, so we greet Happy new year to
others. Striving for happiness is what makes our life meaningful. we all want to avoid suffering and be happy. But it is high time we all need to understand the true meaning of happiness only then we will be happy. We all have three dimensions in our being- physical, psychological and spiritual. Happiness consists in balancing the three aspects.
Friends , consumerism and fetishism has become a culture in many countries and people are not happy despite having plenty. It is because consumerism takes care of only the physical needs of us and promotes it excessively.Consumerism culture is fast invading Indian culture also and we are falling prey to it. American and European societies are gradually realising the evil that consumerist culture gives rise to. They are now strategizing to bring about balance in their societies.
Due to globalisation , consumerism is also making its inroads in our society and we therefore need to be vigilant and guard ourselves against such tendencies only then we can taste happiness to the full by allocating proportionate importance to our physical, psychological and spiritual needs.


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