Indian Inc and HR Policy

It is understood that our corporate houses want productivity and quality from its work force to compete in the domestic as well as international market. But that should not be at the cost of health of the workforce. Undue stress is being generated in most of the work settings in the corporate houses resulting in life long and deadly diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol rise, diabetes and many types of ailments. The corporate sector should not at any cost prioritise cost cutting over the health of the workforce. In most of the corporate houses there is no yard stick as to how much work should be allocated to an employee to perform. In the long run, our society will suffer a lot . The Indian Inc should review its HR policies and should appreciate that mere money wage is not going to help in sustaining our productivity and quality in the long run. The work force needs more than money wage, real wages like congenial and stress free work place, opportunity to self actualise and satisfaction to the core.


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