Om namah Sivaya

Om namah Sivaya is a miraculous mantra. This mantra appeared in the very heart of the vedas. The mantra simply means  ” I bow down to Siva”.Shiva is the personification of  the positive force of the universe  that deconstructs and reforms by destryoing the evil force. Lord Shiva is the embodiment of that force. By chanting this mantra one can purify one’s soul and redeem oneself. Lord Shiva has been depicted as a very benevolent god who bestows  bliss and happiness to his devotees. Lord shiva is very innocent and bestows infinie bliss. The word Shiva means auspiciousness in Sanskrit. The Shiva linga that one finds  in the temples is the mark of Lord Shiva . Lord Shiva is the supreme soul that resides in each and every one. According to the vedas, Shivatwa is within  us . We have to activate the Shivatva within us and attain  shivahood. Om namah Sivaya does wonder when chanted with faith and purity.

Om namah Sivaya, Om namah Sivaya , Om namah Sivaya


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